Discover A Natural Healthcare For Your Pets: Aloe Vera Aids Pet Health

I don’t know about you but I love my animals! I have two dogs, both rescues and two horses. I want to make sure that they receive the best of everything as they are so much a huge part of my life. I never come home to an empty house and I have a fabulous reason to get up in a morning.Obviously, feed, comfort and keeping them in the best of health is so important. Vets play a big part in keeping their vaccinations up to date and making them better if they are seriously ill but I also feel that there is room for natural healthcare too and prevention is far better than cure.I have discovered a fabulous natural product called Aloe Vera. This plant that looks like a cactus has amazing properties. It is actually a member of the lily/onion family and grows in semi arid conditions. It contains over 75 active ingredients and 19 of the 20 amino acids our bodies need on a daily basis.So, what can it do for our animals! It can be used for them in the same way as for humans. It can benefit any animal:* cows, sheep, pigs, goats, chickens etc* horses, ponies and donkeys* and our domestic pets, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs to name but a fewAnimals suffer from the same problems as we do: skin problems, joint problems, immune problems, breathing and bladder problems!Animals are also affected by sunburn, bites, cuts, bruises, allergies and many more.Aloe Vera drinks can be fed to the animal internally. In fact, both of mine have it on their breakfast every day. One has the Joint formula, which has greatly relieved his joints. I noticed one day he wasn’t too keen on jumping into the boot of my car so I started him on the drink and he now bounds in again like a 2 year old. With my other dog she suffered from a weak bladder so I put her on the cranberry drink and now she is absolutely fine.Whenever my animals get cuts, sunburn, bites I cover them in the Aloe Vera gelly. This actually promotes healing and prevents the loss of pigment so that the hair doesn’t grow back white on horses.The propolis cream is great for mud rash. It softens the scabs and brings them off so that the lesions heal.There is also Veterinary Formula which can be used for cleaning wounds or sprayed on to help prevent mud rash.The toiletry range can be used for general cleaning and shampooing.So think about the natural health benefits for your animals with aloe vera. Natural is so much better than chemical!To find out more click here!

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